Meeraj2019-03-23 16:58

Anyone looking for protection:-Personal Particulars: 1) Full name : 2) Date of Birth 3) Location 4) Occupation 5) Do you smoke? ::::: 6) Medical History / Condition :::: 7) Budget (kindly share your budget but please note that insurance premiums are subject to age, medical history and occupation). 8) When do you plan on taking this insurance? Jan / Feb 9) Child name and date of birth

huza2019-03-22 16:06

Knpa jd mcm nie... ada sape2 tau

Prakash Rajasagaran2019-03-20 20:46

hiii. m new to view fruit. nice to meet n knowing u all.. GBU always

Izz2019-03-19 19:06


lyssaMikael2019-03-17 23:50

Hai , im a new user ..

XonLoy962019-03-17 08:51

Hello Guys . Sila beri tunjuk ajar

Ernest2019-03-16 13:58

(ekspresi1-16)(ekspresi1-16)When I want to redeem my point it's said e-mail not verified, when I press the send verification code button, it's never send the code t(ekspresi1-16)o my email...I have tried several time, also never send... without the verification code, I can't redeem my points. who face this similar problem before...and how to solve it...TQ

PierreWhy2019-03-12 15:53

Why always get 1 point

Muhamadz2019-03-08 23:09

Dapat survey tak pernah layak.

bogeymann2019-03-08 20:14

xpham aq maen benda alah ne